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I’m Pamela Groulx, a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant.

My mission to help others understand, and benefit from, good food choices comes from my own personal struggles with health. Before studying natural nutrition I was frustrated and confused by all of the nutritional options and information that was available. Years ago, when my daughter was struggling with autoimmune issues, including juvenile arthritis, I found tremendous benefits from simple, safe, diet modifications. My appreciation grew for the incredible power food choices have on the body, the gut and overall health. I saw benefits beyond the resolution of physical pain and swelling; she started sleeping better, performing better in school, she didn’t catch a single cold in over a year! The deeper I went, the more I was able to help my daughter, myself and my family live healthier and feel better. Now, I am driven to support and empower my clients to do the same. Let’s talk about how I can help you.

Our programs are customized to your needs


This is not about getting you to try the latest fad diet. The customizable food solutions Gut2Health provides will support your body’s wellness at a foundational level so you get sustainable, long-lasting benefits. I’ll also teach you about the gut-body-brain connection and how quality whole food choices, a nutrient-dense focus and optimizing digestion can positively affect your health.


Gut2Health’s services are complimentary to conventional and alternative approaches to medicine, they are not designed to replace them. They give you additional tools to address symptoms and teach you how food affects your gut, your mood, your performance and influences overall health.

Personalized, holistic approach

No client’s symptoms, challenges or health goals are exactly the same, so I tailor my services to your needs. I use a holistic approach to understand you as a person and then, through a combination of in-person meetings, sample recipes and customized food guidance – and regular access for questions and help – I’ll enable your journey to a healthier life.

What our clients are saying

Pamela is very knowledgeable about holistic nutrition and the impact food choices can have on the body. Her supportive and non-judgmental approach made it easy for me to make changes at my own pace. I would highly recommend Pamela to anyone wanting help to improve their quality of life through the food that they eat.

– Marie Frison Klassen

I asked Pam to help me with some recurring joint pain and inflammation. She looked at the whole picture of me; my general health, habits, lifestyle, stress, habits and goals and she came up with a plan that worked. My pain disappeared within weeks, even better the side effects are amazing; increased energy level, mental clarity and a general sense of wellness that has trickled into all aspects of my life.

– M.E.

Thank you Pamela for your wonderful and incredibly knowledgable support during a chapter of struggle in my life. Your enthusiasm, encouragement, patience and compassion created a safe space. Your smiles, kind words and your faith in me to do it right helped me through my depression and I am grateful to have spent some valuable time with you!


How it works

Free initial consultation

First I’ll talk with you to get an overview of your health challenges and goals. I’ll also share more information about the gut-health connection and how we can work together.

Assessment & research

Here I’ll go through a deeper assessment with you, including an exploration of what you’re eating and your lifestyle. Then I’ll go into a deep research phase to build your customized plan.

personalized plan & support

Here’s where the change starts. My customized plan will offer you empowering tools and knowledge, recommendations on food and my ongoing support to meet your health goals.

Let’s get together for a free initial consultation

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